Motif Investing $100 Referral Bonus or $150 Affiliate Bonus

Motif Investing is an investing company that allows you to invest in a basket of up to 30 stocks (motifs) for a $9.95 commission. A motif is a carefully researched and balanced collection of stocks/ETFs that reflect a specific idea or trend. You can begin by selecting a motif that intrigues you from their catalog. If it is right for you, you can purchase it as is, or customize it to meet your particular investment objectives.

To make this even a better deal Motif Investing is currently offering a couple of bonuses for signing up. I think the referral bonus is the best deal. If you sign up through my referral link you can get a $100 bonus for funding it with $1000 or more and executing at least one trade. This is a pretty good deal and I signed up through a referral link myself in order to get the $100 bonus. Here is my Motif referral link if you would like to sign up. I will make money for you signing up as well so I appreciate any signups through my link. If you would rather get a link by email just leave a comment and I will send you a referral link.

They also have a different bonus that is available through the affiliate link below. Although the bonus is bigger this deal isn’t quite as good since it requires more trades. If for some reason you don’t want to go through my referral link this is another option.

Get up to $150 when you start trading with Motif