Motif Investing Commission Free Trades Plus $100 Referral Bonus

Motif Investing is now offering Horizon Motifs that can be traded commission free. The normal charge for buying or selling a Motif is $9.95 which can be pretty steep for a small investor. The new Horizon Motifs allow an investor to start investing with a small amount of money without spending too large of a percentage of their investment on commissions. You can invest in one of the Horizon Motifs for as little as $250. The Horizon Motifs are available in low risk, medium risk, and high risk models. These motifs can also be customized, but once they are customized they are no longer commission-free. If you want to avoid commissions you need to invest in the Horizon motif that best suits your investment needs.

There is also a $100 referral bonus available from Motif Investing. If you open a new non-retirement Motif account through my referral link and fund the account with at least $1000 and execute at least one motif trade you will receive a $100 bonus and I’ll receive a $100 bonus for referring you as well. I don’t think a commission-free trade of one of the Horizon motifs will qualify as a motif trade for this bonus though, so keep that in mind. You will need to spend $9.95 to buy a motif and another $9.95 if you want to sell the motif which would reduce the overall profit you receive from this bonus. I opened an account with Motif Investing earlier this year and had no problem receiving my referral bonus or making my trades. If you want me to send you an email link leave a comment. If you do not care about the $100 referral bonus and just want to open an account you can open an account by clicking through the affiliate link below.